We inspire all children to create their digital future.

The teaching of programming, code, robotics and maker culture are on the rise and, therefore, parents and students have increasingly sought solutions that meet this need. In view of increased demand, it is important that your school be prepared for this new demand.

Having been conceived for education, the micro:bit offers its students a modern, young, much simpler and more practical product for teaching programming and the best:

Complete, ready to use, without the need to purchase other equipment, making the learning process much more practical and effective.

Check out the benefits of having the BBC micro:bit in your school

Focused on children

Based on a small programmable board that inspires digital creativity, teaches the fundamentals of programming and enables endless ideas.

Developed for education

Makes the learning process easier.

International network

Micro:bit is being already used in more than 60 countries by more than 20 million students.

Programming for all levels

Dentre os nossos parceiros, a Microsoft é responsável pelo contínuo desenvolvimento do ambiente de programação MakeCode. Outro importante parceiro é o Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), responsável pelo ambiente de aprendizagem de programação mais reconhecido no mundo, o Scratch. A integração do Scratch com BBC micro:bit é nativa e a interação ocorre em tempo real. Já para explorar o alto desempenho do BBC micro:bit os alunos podem utilizar a linguagem Python, que permite projetos avançados e que já são utilizados em cursos técnicos e universidades, não se limitando a estudantes que estão iniciando na programação.

Micro:bit differentials

Ready to use

Unlike the competitors’ products, it is not necessary to purchase other equipment for operation.

Radio communication

Allows data communication between micro:bits, enabling the creation of games, toys and others.

USB interface

Loads your programs directly from the computer to the micro:bit.

External battery

The micro:bit comes with the 2 AAA battery holder.


Allows communication with mobile phones and other devices.

Matrix with 25 LEDs

Individually programmable LEDs.

2 buttons

Allow the interaction with the program flow.

Interface with the external world

The micro:bit connects sensors, actuators, motors and others through digital and analog pins.

Light sensors

LEDs allow the detection of ambient light.

Temperature sensor

Detects the ambient temperature.


This component detects when the micro: bit is moved. Being able to identify actions such as shaking, tilting or free falling.


Has a magnetic sensor, which allows it to be used as a compass.

* To contact support, send an email to atendimento@educacional.com.br