It's more fun, easier, more practical and simpler to program with BBC micro:bit.

The programming and robotics market is growing all over the world. Brazil, for example, is the country with the highest percentage growth potential since 2017, reaching 33% and growth over the past three years, according to the International Robotics Federation.

It is necessary to be ready to meet the increasing demand from schools and people for programming products and increase the product mix.

Check out the benefits
of reselling micro:bit
in your store

Expands your client portfolio

First and only product created with focus on teaching programming in classroom, micro:bit can be used by anyone who wants to learn programming. Therefore, with micro:bit you expand your store portfolio of customers with schools, since programming, robotics and maker are now part of the school curriculum, in addition to serving a public seeking to learn programming on its own.

Sale of accessories and components

Micro:bit is compatible with most common sensors and electronic components. Therefore, you can increase the value of your sales by offering a wide variety of components along with micro:bit.

Be an official reseller

Becoming an official BBC micro:bit reseller, your website and store contact will be listed on the official Micro:bit Educational Foundation website.

Micro:bit differentials

Ready to use

Unlike the competitors’ products, it is not necessary to purchase other equipment for operation.

Radio communication

Allows data communication between micro:bits, enabling the creation of games, toys and others.

USB interface

Loads your programs directly from the computer to the micro:bit.

External battery

The micro:bit comes with the 2 AAA battery holder.


Allows communication with mobile phones and other devices.

Matrix with 25 LEDs

Individually programmable LEDs.

2 buttons

Allow the interaction with the program flow.

Interface with the external world

The micro:bit connects sensors, actuators, motors and others through digital and analog pins.

Light sensors

LEDs allow the detection of ambient light.

Temperature sensor

Detects the ambient temperature.


This component detects when the micro: bit is moved. Being able to identify actions such as shaking, tilting or free falling.


Has a magnetic sensor, which allows it to be used as a compass.