Educational Technology and Micro:bit Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization based in England, are partners since 2017 and work together for the same purpose: to awaken students' interest in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to helping form a new generation of innovators.




We are the solution leading the revolution in the way we learn and teach programming and robotics. Developed to be more didactic, attractive and to facilitate the interest in teaching programming and robotics, our solution is smart and affordable for everyone - children and adults - who wish to learn programming.

BBC micro:bit is a pocket computer designed to inspire critical thinking and creativity in children.

Through micro:bit, children are encouraged to explore their ideas while using real code and computational thinking as a tool, acquiring authentic experiences from the interaction between software and hardware. This way, children broaden their knowledge of computers and put the purpose of their studies into practice.

Through a friendly programming environment, the child quickly notices the relationship between the program commands and the execution on the micro:bit board.


All children are born inventors and micro:bit helps them learn programming and makes them real makers.

Helps the student to explore their imagination through codes.

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"20% of children who are in primary school should work in jobs that do not exist yet"

World Economic Forum

History with
the use of micro:bit
in England

The micro:bit began to be distributed free of charge in 2016 to every seventh grade student in schools of England and Wales, and to students in Northern Ireland and in Scotland of equivalent grades (from 11 years old, beginning of high school), with educational programs developed by the BBC that obtained proven results.

See some results of the research conducted with students and teachers:


Students saying the BBC micro:bit helped show that anyone can program


They said it made computer science more interesting


They agree that coding is not as difficult as they thought


They said they would definitely pursue a career in Computer Science-related professions


Increase in the number of girls who said they would definitely choose computing as a career after using micro:bit

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