Technology to boost one of the most important phases of school life: literacy.

How E-Blocks can transform children's learning

It is possible to change how we teach literacy by transforming this very important stage into a fun and playful experience.

With E-Blocks students can develop through animations, videos, sound resources and augmented reality, ensuring that the literacy process has a unique sensory meaning.

E-Blocks enables the development of collaborative activities of up to six students simultaneously, promoting and encouraging socialization and group work.

Discover E-Blocks

With E-Blocks, children use colorful blocks and interact with the software by answering the questions presented at various levels.
Images, music, animations and games stimulate collaboration making learning a concrete social experience.

By fitting colored blocks into an electronic module, children learn to recognize letters, make words, associate words with their meanings, read, create and interpret texts. There are thousands of words and images, and the teacher can still expand this universe according to the environment where the students live in and the class learning level.

Pre-school children work with content such as: space notion, location, classification, geometric objects, sizes, shapes, dimensions, number identification, addition and subtraction mathematical operations, sequential patterns, logical instructions and problem solving.

By combining concrete material with abstract concepts, children achieve coherent and intuitive learning. With E-blocks English, they immerse themselves in the world of phonetics, reading and writing. There are five levels with several activities that involve: visual identification of the word, listening comprehension, phonetic awareness, vocabulary expansion, songs, interpretation of texts and many other contents related to English as a second language.

Mais de 40 países utilizam as Mesas Educacionais E-Blocks. Conheça os produtos da linha para exportação.

Deliver na interactive, playful and collaborative learning with E-Blocks.

Make the literacy process more playful, interactive and collaborative!

Have you ever thought about developing collaborative activities, using technology applied to education?

With E-blocks, the teaching-learning process becomes more playful, interactive and collaborative.

Usando la tecnología educativa de forma multisensorial, ellos asocian software y materiales concretos. ¡Pruébalo!

E-Blocks is Inclusion

Everyone has the right to learn. Therefore, we offer accessibility features such as blocks with letters and labels in Braille, animations in Brazilian Sign Language , height adjustment and magnifying glass feature.

E-Blocks is na inclusive tool with accessibility features.

Did you know?

E-Blocks is present in the Technology Guide of the Ministry of Edcation and is aligned with Sustainable Development Objectives.

Expand knowledge building

See in our video how E-blocks expands knowledge building in a fun and collaborative way. 

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