Our mission

Improving education through the creative use of technology.

The Company

Positivo Tecnologia S.A.'s Educational Technology area was conceived with the mission of collaborating in the evolution of education through the creative use of technology. Today, it develops and distributes innovative solutions that enrich the teaching-learning process and transform the classroom into a stimulating and challenging environment for students.

In its portfolio, it has several educational solutions that meet the numerous needs of schools and students in the 21st century. Some examples are: the Innovation Room, a customized maker space with several educational solutions; the Think Mathematics, which teaches mathematics in a fun way; the Educational Tables, which assist in literacy and letters learning teaching - with patent filed in several countries - ; the Schood, an intelligent bracelet that offers more security to the school and facilitates management and Aprimora , an adaptive teaching ecosystem that respects the individuality and knowledge of each student. Besides offering these solutions, Tecnologia Educacional is an authorized partner for the distribution of LEGO® Education in Brazil and master distributor of Micro:bit in Latin America.

With presence in approximately 14 thousand schools throughout Brazil and in more than 40 countries, Educational Technology is today the company with the largest number of prequalified solutions and is part of the MEC Technology Guide. It has won national and international awards, such as the Finep Award for Innovation and the Worlddidac Award, a global recognition of innovative educational solutions.





Positivo Informática was created in May 1989 with the initial objective of manufacturing and selling computers to the Positivo Group's client schools throughout Brazil.




In 1990, the Company identified the opportunity to supply computers and IT solutions to companies and public institutions through public bids




In 1994, Positivo Informática, combining the experience in computer manufacturing with the Group's expertise in the educational area, it started operating in the educational technology market, offering innovative solutions that transform classrooms.


Launch of the first version of the Educational Table, aimed not only at students of various age groups (including youth and adult education), but also at students with special needs.


In 2000, it launched the Educational Portal, aimed at private schools and, in the following year, the Aprende Brasil Portal, developed to meet the needs of the Education Departments and public schools


That year, Positivo Informática - Educational Technology started to export its Educational Tables. The first country to receive the products was the United States. Today, the Tables are present in four continents.


That year, Positivo Informática surpassed the mark of 1 million computers produced


In 2009, the company implemented the Learning by Technology Project, whose objective of transforming the educational reality of one of the cities with the lowest Ideb (Basic Education Development Index).


Positivo Informática - Educational Technology has established itself as the company with the largest number of prequalified solutions inserted in the MEC Technology Guide. Adding up the prequalified solutions of previous years, the company already accumulates several resources which are part of the Guide.


Launch of the concept of increased reality, with the Alphabet and World of Discoveries Educational Tables.


In Hannover, Germany, visiting the Brazilian pavilion at Cebit 2012, the world's largest information technology fair, former President Dilma Rousseff and German Chancellor Angela Merkel conducted certain activities of the Alphabet Education Table with increased reality


Launch of adaptive learning solutions, educational application library and mobile device management tools for the classroom.


Educacional, a set of education technologies that brings together social networking, evaluations, applications and collaborative projects, is now 15 years old.


Educational Technology has become the official distributor of LEGO® Education and is starting to distribute the solutions across Brazil. LEGO, the LEGO logo, MINDSTORMS and the MINDSTORMS logo are registered trademarks of the LEGO Group. The colors and designs are merely illustrative.


As a way to reflect the evolution of the company in recent years and the expansion to other devices in addition to computers and smartphones, Positivo Informática is now called Positivo Tecnologia.


Positivo Educational Technology adopts the name Educational Technology

Awards and Certifications only

  1. 2014TOP Education Award from Segment Publishing.
    Categories: Educational Lap Tops Manufacturer and Computer Manufacturer
  2. Anuário Tele.Síntese de Inovação em Comunicações Award [Yearbook Tele.synthesis in Communications Award].
    Category: Apps and content developers, with Aprimora
  3. 2012TOP Education Award from Segment Publishing.
    Categories: Educational Laptop, Educational Portal and Educational Software.
  4. Worlddidac Award
    Products: TOQ Educational Table.
  5. 2011Gold in Idea/Brazil Award, national edition of the US highest design award .
    Product: Educational Tables.
  6. Award Digital Inclusion Network for the José de Freitas Project.
    Category: Technological Development and Innovation.
  7. 2009 e 2010Excellence in R&D Award - Computing Today magazine.
    Products: Aprimora and Alphabet Education Table.
  8. 2008Top Education Award as the most remembered brand in the laboratory equipment category.
    Company: Positivo Informática.
  9. The Worlddidac Award international award in the area of Education.
    Product: Educational Tables
  10. Excellence in R&D Award – Anuário Informática Hoje (Systems and Peripherals category).
    Product: Aprimora.
  11. Innovation Finep Award
    Product: Alphabet Education Table.
  12. 2007Excellence in R&D Award from the Computer Today Yearbook
    Company: Positivo Informática
  13. 2006Bessie Award, as the best solution in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) category.
    Product: Educational Tables.
  14. EDDIE Award, as the best software in the EFL category for Primary School Grades.
  15. Golden Lamp and Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)
  16. Technological Innovation Finep Award in the Regional Product category.
    Company: Positivo Informática.
  17. 2005WSA Award in the category Best E-learning Solution Award, awarded by the United Nations.
    Product: Educational Tables.
  18. 2002Ibest TOP3 Award as one of the three best websites in the country.
    Product: Educational Portal.

Broaden horizons with the use of technology in education.